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New basket washing machine for fruit and vegetables

New basket washing machine for fruit and vegetables
After a few months of development from the first prototype, we are happy and pleased to present our new fruit and vegetable basket washing machine, designed to maximize hygiene and cleaning speed at the end of work. The bubbling system allows leafy vegetables, fruits, tubers and many other products to be cleaned thoroughly and optimally. 

The immersion and lifting system of the basket has been made automatic completion, this makes the agri-food washing machine fast, easy and safe to use for any operator, making fruit and vegetable washing more efficient. 

Thanks to the 6-litre compressor and 8 bar of power silenced at 59 dB, the basket washing machine can also be used in industrial kitchens or processing laboratories, without prejudice to the possibility of exploiting it for post-harvest applications in the field, so as to speed up the washing processes, maximising cleanliness and maintaining the quality of the products. 

The ease of use and cleaning, the robustness and versatility make the basket washing machine ideal for use with many different products. This allows you to optimize your investment in a single machine. 

The basket washing machine for fruit and vegetables is delivered complete with blower for the mumbling system, pneumatic compressor for the immersion/lifting system of the basket and No.03 baskets, so as to be able to wash in a continuous cycle, maximizing performance and limiting machine downtime.

Find out our new basket washing machine for fruit and vegetables.