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Why choose us?

Complete project management

The total in-house production allows you to maintain flexibility and rapidity of delivery.

Work ethics

Forty years of experience, precision, responsibility and strong customer orientation are our plus points.

Focus on team work

The collaboration between the production resources and the technical office reduces the set up time or changes during the projects.

Customizations and custom solutions

We offer practicality and solidity to the ideas of our customers.

Continuous innovation

Continuous improvement of the quality/price ratio and constant development of the wide range of products.

Company in continuous growth

A group that integrates and develops new resources year after year in order to face new challenges and new markets.


Tons of stainless steel processed per year


Specialized people


Years of experience


Satisfied customers

History and future

“We are inspired by the past to look to the future”

FAVRIN S.r.l. was founded in the early '70s as a company that operates in the metal sheet processing and zootechnical plants construction field.

Later, following an ever increasing demand of the market it has evolved in the processing of stainless steels and the construction of machines for agricultural and food use and in the manufacture of products both on its own design and on the third parties design.

Today it operates in the fruit and vegetable and oenological sector, producing: machinery and washing lines, fruit and vegetables selection and processing, conveyor belts, screw conveyors and reception tanks.

All our devices have high quality standards and are customizable in order to meet the specific needs in the processing of various agricultural products. Furthermore, all our machines are designed with the appropriate safety and health systems for the personnel.

Projects portfolio