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Basket washing machine for fruit and vegetables


Our basket washing machine for fruit and vegetables is entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI304.

The “bubbling system”, obtained by blowing air through the profiled tubing from the bottom of the tank, allows washing that is thorough, delicate and adjustable using the specific valve.


The 44 l washing basket is compatible with most spin-dryers on the market, so it can be used for the washing and drying phase, without having to move the content from one basket to another or purchase further optionals.


The front handles and the four wheels with the brake facilitate movement and anchorage of the machine in the various work phases.


The 1” overflow keeps the water level constantly under control inside the tank, while the 2” total drain makes emptying very fast, if necessary.


The water supply inlet and the blower flow rate are both easily adjusted thanks to the specific control valve, thereby allowing washing of various products with different levels of dirt and delicateness.


The containing closure cover also makes the machinery ideal for floating fruit and vegetables, keeping them inside the washing basket, being perforated, without affecting the washing efficiency.


Based on requirements, it is possible to request a compressor with the machinery for the pneumatic system, the washing baskets or a product loading-unloading system with manual winch.

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          -          Length: 1050 mm
          -          Width: 935 mm
          -          Height: 1565 mm
          -          Tank diameter: 650 mm
          -          Washing basket capacity 44l: ø430 mm x h492 mm
                  Type of washable product: any bulk fruit or vegetables
“Bubbling” washing system with profiled tubing and adjustable power
          -          Cover to contain floating products
          -          Max capacity: 200 l approx.
          -          Ball valve for total drainage 2”
          -          Air blower with power adjustment
          -          Water supply and overflow inlet 1”
          -          Product loading-unloading system with adjustable command
          -          Front handles and swivel wheels with brake to move and park machine
          -          Electric box with E.C. certification
          -          Optional: compressor for pneumatic systems, washing baskets, basic version without loading-unloading and manual winch


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