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Screw conveyors / lifters


 Our screw conveyors / lifters are thoroughly implemented in AISI304, AISI316L stainless steel or in painted carbon steel.

A long-lasting and significant experience in the design of these specific machinery allows us to meet any specific need: capacity, sizes, overall dimensions and all the other parameters which may require product customisation.


-          Screw: single or double

-          Diameter: 200, 300, 400, 500 mm

-          Length: from 1000 mm to 35000 mm

-          Conveyor section: upon customer's needs

-          Differentiated pitch between lifters and conveyors

-          Vol. capacity: from 100 l/min to 3600 l/min

-          Transportable material: grapes, marcs, stalks, granular material, vegetables processing waste, food products, such as small-sized fruits

-          Maximum tilt: according to the material, averagely 45/50°

-          Screw supports: with bushes, PTFE self-lubricating bushings or sliding pads

-          Motor types: single or double

-          Gear unit type: worm reduction gear, with orthogonal or planetary axes

-          Collection tank of the draining liquid

-          Drop-down doors with pneumatic start for the discharge of the product in the intermediate sections

-          Loading hoppers for lifters

-          Rotating discharge chutes with manual or motorised start

-          Demountable safety covers

-          Support trestle with height adjustable feet with hydraulic jack

-          Optional:

  • Rotating chute kit
  • Draining liquid tank kit
  • Mobile screws kits
  • Grid cover kit



Our screw conveyors are available in assembly kits, so to reduce space and limit transportation costs. So, it is possible to stock the kit of a conveyor of over 30 m in a 20-ft container (about 6 m). All the components are pre-assembled, except for the welding of the metal sheets of the planking and the final assembly of the screw and of the motor.

Moreover, the drawings, the 3D models (Solidworks) and the notes required for assembly are provided as well.


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