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Washing tunnel for crates


Our box washing tunnel is entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI304.

The high pressure nozzle lines are power adjustable and being positioned 360°, they ensure optimal washing of boxes dirtied with soil, sand and product residue.

The casing with rubberised covers controls the washing phase and positioning of the crates. It is also manually height and width adjustable using the specific guides to use the tunnel for all box types.

Washing power can be controlled using the specific valves, to calibrate according to the level of product dirt.

The water used is directed to a collection tank, under the washing area, filtered using the specific drainage grid as well as another extraction fitting filter on the recirculation pump.

The main structure and the water recirculation tank are both equipped with swivel wheels with a brake, enabling easy movement and washing of the machinery.

The dimensions of the washing area can be customised for special requirements.

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-          Length: 2450 mm
-          Width: 1100 mm
-          Height: 1700 mm approx.
-          Washing tunnel entrance: 600x500h mm
-          Height and width adjustable box sliding profiles
-          Type of washable product: any type of fruit and vegetable box
-          System with water jet washing and 360° nozzles
-          Adjustable washing power
-          Adjustable brushes for aggressive dirt
-          Water recirculation tank on wheels with brake and 2” valve
-          Water recirculation pump for nozzles supply 380 V and 2.2 kW
-          1” water supply coupling with float valve for flow adjustment
-          Recirculation water filter with profiled AISI304 stainless steel mesh for cleaning without tank extraction
-          Fitting filter on pump suction with 0.9 x 0.9 mm holes
-          Machine support structure on swivel wheels
-          Electric box with E.C. certification


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