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Elevator belt with draining unit for crushed grapes


Our conveyor / elevators conveyor belts with driers for pressed grapes are entirely constructed in AISI304 stainless steel.

The open structure and the tubular frame allow easy washing of the carpentry and the mat. All of our conveyor belts with drains are also equipped with a lower containment profile and a collecting tank for the must, an inner side scraper and loading and unloading hoppers.

The loading hopper is specifically designed with a grilled steel weft to facilitate the draining phase from the containment profile to the collection tank, draining all the must released by the grape which is pressed during transport on the belt.

The manual flap opening of the loading hopper makes it possible to unload the grapes directly from the auger collection tank inside the hopper itself.  

On request, according to the customer's needs, it is possible to add: the automatic belt washing system, the variable-height stand and the custom-designed loading hoppers.


-           Length: from 2500 to 7500 mm
-           Width: 300, 500 mm
Standard loading hopper: 1075x525 / 1275x525 mm
-           PVC food mat with 50 mm strips
Endless screw gear motor with motor from 1.1 to 2.2 kW
-           Speed regulation by electronic inverter or mechanical variator
Support stand: with fixedheight feet or wheels, with height-adjustable wheels by hydraulic jack
-           Electrical panel with CE declaration
Optional: support stand with variable height wheels by hydraulic jack, increased loading hopper, PVC discharge trunk, manual adjustment sliding chute



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