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Air blade drying tunnel for fruit and vegetables


Our air blade drying tunnel for fruit and vegetables is entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI304.

The air blades and air diffusers, powered by blowers, allow rapid drying of fruit and vegetables which have just been washed.


The polypropylene belt with high drainage capacity and controlled drop from one belt to another allows the product to roll, considerably facilitating the efficiency of the air flow to completely remove the water from the product.


The rotating agitators, creating a wobbling effect on the drying surfaces, make it even simpler to drain the water from the product.


The water is then collected from the small channel beneath the belts and sent to a fitting that allows connection for ad hoc drainage.


Air blades and air diffusers, conveyor belts and agitators can all be bypassed and power adjusted, using the main electrical control panel.


Based on requirements and the type of product treated, you can, by increasing or decreasing the air blades, the length of the belts and the agitators, customise the final configuration of the machine. 

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          -          Length: 2500 mm
          -          Height: 1800 mm
          -          Width: 1400 mm
          -          Belt useful width: 800 mm
          -          Partially overlapped belts with drop of 100 mm approx. and adjustable speed
          -          Conveyor belts with perforated mesh 2.0x2.0 mm
          -          Small channel to collect water with drain fitting
          -          Air blowers with suction filter and possibility of air flow adjustment
          -          Air blades and diffusers can be tilt adjusted
          -          Agitators for water drainage at adjustable speed
          -          Support structure with adjustable feet
          -          Electric box with E.C. certification 


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