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Tank for grape transportation / grape transportation trailer


Our trailers for grape transport are thoroughly implemented in AISI304 stainless steel with a width equal to 2.5 mm with mottling finishing.

Useful for the transport of machine-harvested grape, it is possible to install them sideways on the rear-tipping load beds, even for existing trailer load beds. At the end of grape harvesting, it is possible to remove them easily (by means of the four adjustable support legs), so to be able to use them in other activities.

They are provided with ø300 or ø400 mm screw, driven by a reduction gear with orthogonal axes and a drop-down door, driven hydraulically, with closed-cell silicone gasket and locking system with wedges, such solution allows easy cleaning and assures watertight sealing even in presence of grape seeds

The inside is provided with dividers acting as wave breakers and the special configuration of the perimeter edge avoids that any waves spill during curves or while braking.


The tanks are provided with an appropriate bracket to support the sliding cover tarp driven by the manual winch.

Play: Vasche per trasporto uva/ Rimorchi trasporto uva | Favrin Srl


-          Length: 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7000 mm

-          Width: 2450 mm

-          Height: 1300 mm

-          Volume capacity: about 12.5 – 19 m³

-          Weight: 1040 – 1320 kg

-          Screw size: ø400 p400 with shaft ø114 or ø300 p300 with shaft ø90, with wear-resistant profile on the edge

-          Metal sheet metalwork wid.: 2.5 mm

-          Engine turned finishing

-          Tank edge with wave containment function

-          Reducer gear with orthogonal axes and hydraulic motor

-          Max capacity: 60 l/min

-          Max pressure: 150 bar

-          Hydraulically driven drop-down door, with closed-cell silicone gasket and watertight system by means of locking wedges

-          Discharge chute which can be adjusted as for its tilt

-          Arrangement for the support of the cover tarp

-          Fastening brackets to the trailer load bed I: 2400 mm

-          Internal demountable dividers

-          Access stairs to the tank with the last steps being foldable


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