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Vibrating Doser


Our vibrating doser for fruit and vegetables is entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI304.

Using the vibrating surface, the product advances at controlled speed inside the unloading hopper.

The drainage grate of any liquid waste and collection tank with drain DN50F allow transfer of processing residue to eliminate.

The structure is manufactured in 4.0 / 8.0 mm thick stainless steel, to ensure strength and duration over time.

Furthermore, the vibrating doser is supplied with motor vibrators with an inverter to adjust the advancement speed of the fruit and vegetables, support frame with leaded ballast for stabilisation and height adjustable feet.



          -          Length: 1214 mm
          -          Width: 1295 mm
          -          Unloading height 1145 mm
          -          Vibrating surface with drainage grate and suspensions
          -          Liquid residue collection tank with drain
          -          N°02 motor vibrators with eccentric weights 380 V 0.3 kW each
          -          Support stand with adjustable feet
          -          Adjustment of advancement speed of the product using an electronic inverter
          -          Electric box with E.C. certification
                  Optional: Hopper increased for bins unloading



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