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Washing system for ready to eat fruit and vegetable


Our washing system for ready to eat fruit and vegetable is thoroughly implemented in AISI304 stainless steel.

By means of a water flow and jets system, it creates inside the tank a helical movement assuring an adequate stay of the product so to guarantee a deep cleaning.

A rotating drum, which can be adjusted both as for speed and as for height, allows to extract any hanging foreign bodies.

The water drain system, according to the customer's needs, may occur by means of a vibrating sieve or by means of a perforated conveyor.

The system is also provided with a rotating filter with scraper able to assure a constant cleaning of the water without having to interrupt the work cycle.



-          Length: 3871 mm

-          Width: 1985 mm

-          Height: 1695 mm

-          Washable product type: any "floating" fruit or vegetable

-          "Bubbling" and "swirl" washing system, by means of air and water jets

-          Recommended water renewal: about 800/1000 l/h

-          Max washing speed: about 250 kg/h for leaf vegetable

                                               about 350 kg/h for fruit and non-leaf vegetable

-          Max water capacity: 1100 l each block/tank

-          Electric panel with C.E. certification



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