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Fruit and vegetable washing tunnel


Our fruit and vegetable washing tunnel is thoroughly implemented in AISI304 stainless steel.

By means of a steel mat, sliding through the washing chamber provided with nozzles, arranged at 360°, it allows to clean fruit and vegetable “both in the case“ and loose.

Water flow can be easily adjusted according to the specific needs and two plate filters allow to remove waste material assuring washing continuity.

The photocell, placed at the end of the belt and which can be bypassed by means of the control console, automatically stops the belt at the travel limit of the product.

The two covers at the sides of the tunnel, which can be easily removed and the outflow system of the liquids, consisting in a manhole cover and a 3“ valve, facilitate cleaning operations of the same machine.


 -          Length: 3780 mm

-          Width: 1210 mm

-          Height: 1490 mm

-          Washable product type: any type of fruit and vegetable in boxes and/or loose

-          Recommended water renewal: about 1000 l/h

-          Max washing capacity: about 17 boxes/min

-          Max washing speed: about 13 m/min

-          Max washable product size: 750x330 mm 


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