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Fruit and vegetable processing belts

Our fruit and vegetable processing belts are thoroughly implemented in AISI304 stainless steel.

The food-safe PVC belt allows to sort and process any type of fruit and vegetable requiring such processes.

Being a customised product, it is possible to choose sizes, the arrangement of the belts and of the work surfaces, besides the number of required workstations.


It is normally constituted by two conveyor belts: one slides towards the washing tank, while the second one conveys the processing waste in the opposite direction.

The scrapers, provided with gravity counterweights, keep the belt surface clean avoiding the stacking of soil, while the safety perimeter rope assures the safety of the operators.

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-          Ad hoc design: customised according to needs as per sizes, belt configuration, work surfaces and number of work stations

-          Product type: any fruit or vegetable, requiring sorting and/or manual processing

-          Reduction worm drive 380 V 0.75 kW

-          Adjustable discharge chute of processing waste

-          Perimeter safety rope

-          Electric panel with C.E. certification


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