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Washing-drying tunnel for fruit and vegetables

Our washing-drying tunnel for fruit and vegetables is entirely made of AISI304 stainless steel.

The double adjustable nozzle lines positioned above and below the belt ensure optimal washing of the bulk product and/or of the boxes of fruit and vegetables.
The cover casing with rubber curtains allows you to check the washing phase even from the outside, thus being able to adjust the nozzles, belt speed and product positioning, so as to optimize the results.


The washing speed can be adjusted thanks to the mechanical speed regulator, so as to calibrate it according to the product's level of dirt.

The water used is channeled into a collection tank, below the washing area, which can be easily connected to an external tank by means of a special connection.

The air blades at the outlet of the washing area, dry the product through air jets with adjustable power and direction, positioned above and below the conveyor belt, so as to facilitate the already high drainage level of the perforated mesh carpet.

At the end of the drying phase it is possible to select and/or process the various products thanks to the sorting area, designed according to the staff in charge.

Depending on the needs, it is possible, by increasing or decreasing the lines of water nozzles and air blades, as well as the length of the belt, to customize the final configuration of the machine; preferring one over the other or even excluding the phases of: washing, drying and sorting.




-         Useful mat width: 600 mm
-         Height: 1750 mm

-         Type of washable product: any fruit or vegetable in boxes or loose
-         Water jet washing system with double adjustable nozzles
-         Lines of nozzles above and below the belt for the washing phase
-         Washing tunnel inlet: 380x600 mm
-         Air blades with adjustable power and direction for the drying phase
-         Sorting/processing of the washed and dried product with adjustable belt speed
-         4.0x4.0 mm perforated mesh conveyor belt
-         Water supply connection ¾"
-         DN50F drain valve
-         Switchboard with C.E. certification
-         Optional: modular belt, tank with water recirculation pump, brass nozzles, remote control at the end of the belt


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