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Immersion washing machine for fruit and vegetable in boxes

Our immersion washing machine for fruit and vegetables in boxes is built entirely in stainless steel AISI304.

A“bubbling“ system, obtained by blowing air through diffuser pipes from the bottom of the tank, creates an efficient washing system that can be controlled by the ad hoc valve, useful for the most delicate products. The washing system also features  a cascading rinsing fountain which provides additional cleaning of the box as, it exits .

The washing speed can be set using the mechanical adjuster and can, therefore, be calibrated according to the degree of dirtiness of the product.

The adjustable winch system ensures the machine works optimally and makes it possible to use it with boxes of different heights as well as making it very easy and quick to wash the machine.

The cleanliness of the water used is ensured by the double surface filter and the filtration grid in the winch system which prevents the accumulation of surface impurities on the clean box during the exit phase.



-          Length: 6970 mm

-          Width: 1706 mm

-          Bath height: 1800 mm

-          Type of washable product: any fruit or vegetable in a box

-          "Bubbling" washing system, blowing air with adjustable power

-          Recommended waterchange: about 1000 l/h

-          Max washing speed: about 4000 kg/h

-          Maximum water flow: about 3000 l

-           3" ball  discharge valve

-          Air blower with suction filter and air flow regulator

-          Water supply inlet with ø30 hose connection and 1 ½" outlet for "overflow"

-          Electrical panel with C.E. certification

-          Optional: separate roller conveyor for lids, refrigerator chiller kit to extend the shelf-life of the products


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