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Conveyor / lifting belts for grapes


 Our grape conveyors/lifters are thoroughly made in AISI304 stainless steel.

The open structure and the tubular frame allow an easy washing of the metalwork and of the mat. All our conveyor belts are, moreover, provided with a must collection tank, internal side scraper and the loading and unloading hoppers.

Upon request, according to the customer's needs, it is possible to add: the tailor-made mat automatic washing system and the loading hoppers. 

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-          Length: from 2500 to 7500 mm

-          Width: 300, 500, 700 mm

-          Loading hopper: normal or increased

-          PVC mat non-toxic with 50 mm dog feeds

-          Reduction worm drive with 1.1 to 2.2 kW motor

-          Speed adjustment by means of electronic inverter or mechanical variable speed drive

-          Support trestle: with fixed height feet or wheels, with variable height wheels by means of hydraulic jack

-          Electric panel with C.E. certification
-          Optional: PVC discharge proboscis, manual rotating chute, crushing unit


Our grape lifters are available in assembly kits, so to reduce space and limit transportation costs. All the components are pre-assembled, except for the welding of the central frame and the final assembly of: motor roller, reversing roller, mat and trestle.

Moreover, the drawings, the 3D models (Solidworks) and the notes required for assembly are provided as well.


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