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Quick release belt


Our quick release belt is thoroughly implemented in AISI304 stainless steel, with a 500 mm width and a variable length according to needs.

Owing to the open structure, to the food-safe PVC mat and a quick release system of the inlet hopper and of the mat, it is possible to wash the machine and to perform technical interventions with extreme ease, assuring functionality and cleaning.

The inlet hopper is specifically set to receive the cut product to convey to the following washing phases, while the polypropylene scraper placed in the final section assures easy detachment of cut fruit and vegetable.

The wheel-assembled support structure allows to change work tilt in a few seconds.

Finally, it is possible to customise the belt, by implementing an automatic washing system of the mat and to have a customised loading hopper.


 -          AISI304 stainless steel metalwork

-          Length: customised

-          Width: 500 mm

-          For the food sector: fruit and vegetable, except for "cylinder shapes"

-          Max capacity: about 7500 kg/h

-          Mat speed: about 0.2 / 0.7 m/s

-          FDA-certified non-toxic PVC mat, which can be released manually in a few seconds

-          Quick release loading hopper optimised for cutters with customisable sizes

-          Polypropylene scraper adjusted with gravity counterweight
-          Reduction worm drive with 380V motor

-          Support trestle with fixed height and wheels

-          Max tilt: 30°

-          Variable speed drive with electronic inverter (optional)

-          Electric panel with C.E. certification 


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