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Partnership request

Favrin Srl is looking at new commercial partnerships for the export of machinery for fruit and vegetable

Why us?

  • Almost 40 years of experience in design and mechanical processing of agricultural machinery
  • Specific support for our dealers to find the best technical solutions for the planning or production of machinery to offer at the final customers
  • Excellent value for money
  • Possibility of customize every single project
  • Commercial partnerships based on exchange of experience, also about products, in order to provide the best resilience to satisfy the requests of every single market
  • Maximum transparency in the proposed or closed agreements: we are not looking to customers to provide but trustworthy partners
  • Strong customer satisfaction orientation
  • Our home-made production is rapid and extremely flexible
  • We choose, together with our dealers, the best type of transportation of the products

Products and advantages:

  • Functional, tested and durable products
  • Excellent value for money in the market
  • “Tailored“ products
  • “Plug and play“ machines, immediately usable
  • Spare parts always available on request
  • Little and easy maintenance required
  • Possibility to ship in assembled kit
  • Versatile machinery designed to process different products: an investment for many possible productions
  • Machinery with safety and control systems
  • Easily integrable in existing production lines

Final customer target and applications:

  • Farms
  • Farmhouses
  • Food companies
  • Fruit and vegetable processing companies
  • Washing, processing and selection of vegetables, fruit and food in general

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