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Fruit and vegetable mini washing tank


 Our fruit and vegetable mini washing tank is thoroughly made in AISI304 stainless steel.

By means of a “bubbling washing“ system, achieved by blowing in air through diffusing tubes from the bottom of the tank, it creates an air flow allowing a deep cleaning of the product.

Movement power can be easily adjusted by means of valves placed before the inlet of each blowing tube of the tank.

The pump with variable capacity, instead, pushes the greens towards the collection point.

The machine may be provided with handy supports for collection cases and, disassembling the terminal panel, it is possible to install the extraction belt, actually transforming it in our fruit and vegetable washing tank with extraction belt. 


 -          Length: 1950 mm

-          Width: 800 mm

-          Tank height: 1010 mm

-          Washable product type: any "floating" fruit or vegetable, otherwise it is sufficient to install the proper "floating kit"

-          "Bubbling" washing system, by blowing in air with adjustable power

-          Recommended water renewal: about 500 l/h

-          Max washing speed: about 300/400 kg/h

-          Max water capacity: about 800 l

-          Max volume capacity: about 1000 kg/m³

-          Drop-down door valve

-          Air blower with suction filter and possibility to adjust the air flow

-          Water feed inlet with hose holding unit ø30

-          Electric panel with C.E. certification

-          Optional: soaking kit for cases, surface filter with removable net, floating kit 


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